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Mastering Effective Customer Connections 

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Have you ever found yourself in any of these situations?


  1. You’re in deep trouble with a customer. Someone in your business has screwed up this time, and that customer is really mad.

    • How do you handle that situation?

    • What can you say to calm the customer down?


  1. You are having a great conversation with your customer and think all is good to proceed with the sale, and suddenly the client seems hesitant to move forward.

    • Which part of the deal did the customer object to?

    • Have you done or said something to upset the customer?


  1. You're faced with the tough task of delivering bad news to a valued customer.

If you answered yes, you are not alone!


Welcome to our workshops where we tackle real-life scenarios that every professional encounters in their day-to-day interactions with customers. 

While many customer service training programs prioritise verbal communication skills, our workshops uniquely emphasize the significance of nonverbal communication also. Understanding and effectively interpreting nonverbal cues in customer interactions.

At Savvy Ever After Workshops, we've crafted specialized Communication, De-escalation, and Confidence workshops to empower you and your team.

 Join Savvy Ever After, and you'll master:

1. Triggers you must avoid during client interactions.

​2. Tricks to recognize verbal and nonverbal cues in both Communication and De-escalation.

​3. Go-to tactics for defusing angry customers, and much more.


Let's embark on this journey together to elevate your communication game and foster lasting connections with those who matter most.

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Savvy Ever After Trainings


Enhancing Customer Connections

The Art of Effective Communication & Nonverbal Awareness

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In this workshop, we focus on essential communication elements, emphasising verbal and non-verbal hidden messages to prevent escalation,build better negotiation and rapport with customers.


Participants will learn the art of astute verbal and nonverbal communication and choosing the right words to build rapport and trust.


Key components include understanding human needs, reading emotions, and mastering conflict prevention using the Softened Start-up technique.


De-escalating Workshop

Unlocking Emotional Intelligence for Stress Management and Customer Connection


Refine your De-escalation Management skills with Savvy Ever After. Gain a deep understanding of the escalation process and learn effective strategies to de-escalate stressful situations.This course is designed for scenarios where conflicts have already occurred.

Through this course, you will develop the ability to identify signs of stress in others and also within yourself.

You wil gain insights into the significance of the Four Life Positions.

The program empowers you to master challenging conversations with your customers and peers.


 Confidence Workshop

Mastering Body Language for Empowerment and Assertive Communication

Elevate your self-assurance to new heights with the Confidence Workshop by Savvy Ever After. In this transformative experience, you'll delve into the art of effective communication through the language of the body, unlocking the power of nonverbal cues to exude confidence.


Book a private training or add this to your other workshops.

Become a savvy communicator and succeed with confidence!

Glynn Robertson

“I recently had the privilege of participating in Erica's innovative
body language and communication course, and it has completely
transformed my perspective on non-verbal communication.

As a manager in the high-pressure environment of the construction
industry, effective communication is absolutely critical. Erica's
course provided me with invaluable insights and tools that I was able
to immediately apply both at work and in my personal life.

One of the standout aspects for me was the focus on foot positioning,
a facet of body language that is often overlooked, yet incredibly
informative. I have found this knowledge particularly useful in my
role as a manager, aiding me in interpreting the often subtle cues
that help in understanding client dynamics and improving interaction.

Erica's teaching style is engaging, clear, and refreshingly practical.
The impact of the course was immediate and I find myself already
leveraging these new skills to great effect.

I strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in significantly
improving their communication skills."

Christina Capri

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Attending the Enhancing Customer Connections workshop was an eye-opening experience that revolutionized my approach to customer communication.
​Learning how to interpret body language is incredibly valuable and can prevent conflicts from escalating.
It seems like we're gradually losing the art of building positive relationships with others. The workshop shed light on the subtle yet impactful ways in which our communication styles influence customer relationships.
I truly believe that cultivating an understanding of human behaviour and mastering the skill of learning to read others and asking the right questions can be an incredibly valuable and transformative life skills.
The workshop has equipped me with practical tools to foster more meaningful connections in both professional and personal spheres.
By embracing this approach, we can foster more harmonious connections and work towards a more empathetic and compassionate world"


Genevieve Dalseide

“Erica's body language and communication course provided a fulfilling
learning experience for me. I was impressed by how Erica skillfully
combined deep insights with light-hearted humour, making the course
both engaging and enjoyable.

As a health professional, good communication is vital. This course
gave me practical tools I could use straight away. Already, I see a
significant improvement in forging more meaningful, professional
relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

Erica’s course is a mix of information, humour, and practical learning
that is as enjoyable as it is useful. Highly recommended for those
looking to enhance their communication abilities.

Can’t wait for Erica’s next workshop!l.”
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